Friday, April 9, 2010


For me, fantasy is not just merely about fairies and other winged creatures, prince and princess of colorful love stories, or as we all know, every story that will surely have a happy ending!

Fantasies, dreams, ambitions, imaginations- name it all! All of these are unreachable stars we've always been trying and aiming to achieve someday. But you see, that's the mystery of life! We do not know what we will be in the future. These fantasies and dreams may be just as is for now, but who knows in the future that these fantasies might turn out to be a reality. It might not be exactly as what you wanted, but surely it is what you are deserving of because God has His own way of making out His plans for us- which is certainly for the common good.

In the innocent eyes of a child, there lies the unending world of
fantasies and imaginations- of good and evil, heroes and villains, black and white magic and many others. Still of very minute idea about the real life in this world. But to top it all, what's important is that as elders
to them, we should guide them to what we know is good and moral and to teach them to abide the Laws of God and of mankind, as well. All of these is for the common good of every individual, for the future generations, and for the glory of God.

Life begins to where we think it is impossible to happen but later did we realize that we've already been doing and figuring it out, inch by inch.

Here on earth, life dwells with so much adventure and excitement. And talking about adventure and excitement, you've come to the right place! PHILIPPINES!

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